2018 and low standards

2017 left me tired to the bones. DD, DH, and I got sick very often; sometimes one at a time, other times all three simultaneously. I can’t remember a period where all of us were completely snot-free and cough-free at the same time. Being sick sucks, but caregiving is a new level of exhaustion; it is endless work with very little reward.

Also, being me, I spent a lot of 2017 worrying about the roads not taken, i.e. life choices I did not make. Just another case of FOMO, apparently, but sometimes those thoughts became so intrusive that I had to stop whatever I was doing in order to finish thinking those thoughts.

And so I came up with the conclusion that 2018 is the year of doing less. Think less, buy less, consume less. Social media pressure us to have an exciting and adventurous life, and a few years ago I might have agreed, but now all I want to do is stay home and watch Black Mirror.

I don’t care about travels and holiday trips, because after such trip one of us always gets sick it’s hardly worth it. I have zero interest in reducing my carb intakes or starting meditation. I uninstalled all of my shopping apps but one; hopefully this year I can get by without buying any piece of clothing. I quit my SCOOP (now Gramedia Digital) subscription months ago because while it’s a cheap alternative for reading, I also feel pressured to read as many books as possible in a month in order to maximize my subscription. Capek ya.

So this year I settle with three goals to focus on, two of them writing-related and one money-related. They’re pretty boring, basically just more writing and less money-spending. But I already decided I’m more than okay with 2018 being an uneventful year.


One thought on “2018 and low standards”

  1. I came up with the conclusion that 2018 is the year of doing less -> sama banget nisss hahaha xD
    Biasanya tiap awal taun mikir resolusi walaupun gak bakal dikerjain juga, kmrn les males banget sampe gak kepikiran mau ngapain ya semua terasa melelahkan 😅

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